Brief History

Selkirk Rotary Club is part of a world-wide organization with over 1 million members. Selkirk was sponsored by the Winnipeg Downtown club in 1937. The 80th anniversary of the Club was celebrated at Selkirk Golf Course in April of 2017 at a gala dinner.

Selkirk Rotary, considered a small club with less than 50 members, has a big impact. The group annually contributes both locally and internationally to Rotary projects, community projects, and the programs that contribute to the health, education, and development of children, youth, and adults.


Significant additions to our community in which Rotary was a prime mover and shaker have been:

– Establishing of the Gordon Howard Seniors’ Centre, and decades later moving to a larger location.

– Building the Selkirk Park outdoor swimming pool

– Building a $1 million Skate Park in Selkirk Park.

– Specialized equipment for the ambulance service

– Purchasing a special imaging camera for fire fighters

– Bringing the first Jaws of Life to the fire department

– Spearheading the drive and fundraising for a Dialysis Centre in Selkirk hospital

…and many more small projects from flag poles for the arena to tree planting and river bank clean up.

Youth, children and adults have had their quality of life improved by Selkirk Rotary through:

– Long and short term exchanges to other countries for our teens.

– Bursaries and awards for good citizenship to youth

– Specialized furnishing for children’s hearing diagnostics

– Lifeline subsidies to seniors

– Rotary Youth Leadership camps for youth and teens, Model United Nations for teens, and Adventures for teens interested in technology, citizenship, agriculture, and human rights.

– Human Rights exploratory university credit for young adults.

Internationally, the Club contributes to important world health, hunger, and humanity initiatives of Rotary International and other aid organizations including:

– Polio Plus: only 2 countries in the world still have polio cases because Rotary has immunized every other child in the world—and these two countries have less than 25 cases total annually.

– Disaster Relief: Thousand of Rotary Shelter Tents are fully equipped temporary homes in use all over the world to help people after earthquakes, flooding, mass migration, and other disasters.

– Selkirk Rotary has contributed to the development of schools, computer access, and providing learning materials for children in numerous developing countries—through Rotary and through other projects such as Children of the Dump, UNICEF, and other service providers in developing countries.

Selkirk Rotary members support the idea of the family of Rotary and conduct many club activities to support family involvement in Rotary. All of the Club’s members uphold the ideals of Rotary in their personal and business lives, taking a high standard in all activities.

Selkirk Rotary has been active on the Rotary District Council, members attend District Conferences and International Conventions, and is well respected in the world of Rotary and in the communities of the Triple S region.